Betaflight FC motor pin testing and fixing

This is an example of testing a bad Omnibus F3 flight controller. You can see how 5 of the pins do not connect to the chip. Each pin should show continuity to a pin on the IC.

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Beginner mini-quad pilot

What do I need

There are three basic items you require in order to get into this hobby.

  1. Goggles are essential along with the video receiver.
  2. A mini quad with camera and video transmitter.
  3. A controller transmitter to fly RC aircraft (often called a remote control or TX).

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Naze32 + Frsky X4R with Telemetry


The old flight controller that keeps getting reborn. Rev 6 is most likely the last of this F1 FC. The limits of speed and memory are soon to be too much for this mini-quad icon.

Naze32 Rev6

Naze32 Rev6

It was the first of its kind and is worthy of its reputation. Revision 6 has added support for new telemetry systems and I suspect a whole lot more but its on its limit. I know because the last CleanFlight firmware didn't real agree with it. OVER LOAD error is the result because I expect the loop times and what it has to do in the 2000ms, is pushing the limits of this F1 system.

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Yaw in the Picture

I just hate looking at my old footage and seeing the image dodge from side to side. You see this in professional video too. Its not just because it's distracting but it can be frustrating to fix.

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Balancing screw on propellers

DJI Phantom 1,2 and 3 all have screw on props that screw on and off with a countering threads. This is a big reason many Phantom owners don't balance their props. Trouble is , you see the effects in the quality of the video they produce.

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Jello in drone aerial video

Its all about vibration

Anyone that has attached a camera to a multi rotor will understand the frustration of jello. Its seams so simple that you would expect it to have a simple solution, but it isn't. The reason is resonance and the resonating frequencies that match your aircraft.

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Multi-rotor design – Building a DIY Drone

Choosing to design your own drone, means choosing motors, ESC's, flight control and frame. In this page we're just going to look at brushless motors and what they will support.

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Drone crash investigation – why my drone doesn’t fly

The said question

Why does my drone fail to work? Its the number one question for anyone who has tried to build their own drone.
From the frustration of failing to arm, to the unexpected crash. All the possible problems are solvable but there are plenty of possible causes. I have built every part of my drones from simple components and materials. After 3 years and almost every problem conceivable my multi-rotor drones are totally reliable. In this blog I hope to cut some corners for those who choose the hobby and not the RTF option.

Prediter down

Even the most expensive

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How to Replace a Brushless-Motor Shaft

I'm a bit of a fan of the HobbyKing 1400kv motors. Trouble is these motor's shafts are exposed and sometimes they become bent. Shaft replacement was a challenge I needed to overcome or through away motors. This is my unique and easy way of removing and replacing the shafts.

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Remote Pilots Certification

Here in Australia we are fortunate enough to have an aviation authority that understands the significance of the future of UAVs. CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) have created qualifications for remote pilots and associated companies planning to use UAVs.RPAS-Training-LogoBlack-BG Continue reading

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