Naze32 + Frsky X4R with Telemetry


The old flight controller that keeps getting reborn. Rev 6 is most likely the last of this F1 FC. The limits of speed and memory are soon to be too much for this mini-quad icon.

Naze32 Rev6

Naze32 Rev6

It was the first of its kind and is worthy of its reputation. Revision 6 has added support for new telemetry systems and I suspect a whole lot more but its on its limit. I know because the last CleanFlight firmware didn't real agree with it. OVER LOAD error is the result because I expect the loop times and what it has to do in the 2000ms, is pushing the limits of this F1 system.

FrSky X4R receiver

This is currently the most popular mini-quad receiver along with the XSR. X4R has 2 com options for talking to the FC, SBus and CPPM. Default is SBus but CPPM is activated with a  jumper across signal pins of channels 3 & 4 . I prefer CPPM because it has wider usage and I don't need any more than 8 channels for this kind of application.

The Telemetry is not the old FrSky system but Smart Port and it is very simple to add. Just one wire is required as shown on the images below.

Naze32 rev6 smart port cable

In this case I have used CPPM and a wire connecting the signal port on the X4R to the pins 5 and 6. The wire also acts as a bridge, which is necessary for the Rx& Tx to operate through the same connection. The ground for CPPM/SBus means you only require a single wire for smart port telemetry but it needs to bridge 5 and 6 pins on the Naze32 and go to the sign pin on the X4R. 


CleanFlight Setup

Two settings and Naze32 will talk to the Smart-Port:


Type into the CLI -> "set telemetry_inversion=on"


Don't forget to save and reboot.

CleanFlight and Naze32 Rev6

Open source projects are always a challenge. There are always people coming on, who know more/less, but it does get messy. Some parts get left on hold and some just never work out. CleanFlight is no exception, with CLI fall back options and CLI changes etc. You really have to 'suck it and see' with the combinations you use. If the latest version doesn't behaive, try another.

Backup data will not always work for later FCs or firmware. To backup you just use the CLI command "dump" and save the output to a text file with cut and paste.

BetaFlight is more of the same. This project is better suited to F3 controllers than F1 and doesn't seem to like Naze32 Rev6 at all. I plan to try again with this hopefully with more success.

BaseFlight have not created a Rev6 firmware at this stage. I expect, that may change soon.

Happy Flying

PS: SmartPort setup. Go to ports and add the port from the image below -->


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