Beginner mini-quad pilot

What do I need

There are three basic items you require in order to get into this hobby.

  1. Goggles are essential along with the video receiver.
  2. A mini quad with camera and video transmitter.
  3. A controller transmitter to fly RC aircraft (often called a remote control or TX).


The goggles are always going to be the most expensive component. Thing is if you can't see very well you can't fly very well. Put simply FPV is visual experience. The dual vision goggles like the fat shark are by far the best. Whilst the fat shark brand is the most popular, it's not the only brand. SkyZone and the other manufacturers produce equivalent products.


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Many of the cheap goggles on the market are single screen. They include a lens that allows you to focus on the screen. While these types of goggles are often adequate, they are pixilated and much more difficult fly with. I would recommend investing in as expensive a pair of goggles as you can afford.

Video receivers have improved immensely in the last two years. They are now mostly incorporated into the goggles, this is much more convenient than an external receiver, but has a much more limited range. The range of these types of receivers is fine for park flying but not grate for long-range FPV. 40 Channel receiver is a must. It's wise to have two different kinds of antenna and most of these receivers accept two antennas. The benefit of the system is the receiver will use which ever antenna is receiving the best signal.


Buying a mini quad ready-made may be a big mistake. Many quarts often gets damaged. Everyone that flies mini quads needs to be able to repair their aircraft. And that will probably happen in almost every time you fly. If you haven't built the aircraft yourself the chances are you wont know how to fix it when parts break. Building your own mini quad is not that hard to do. These days there are only a few basic components but you will require soldering iron and allen keys. Youtube is loaded with how-to videos on building mini quads.

If you choose to buy off-the-shelf completed mini-quads you'll still need to purchase replacement parts. The most important of these are propellers. Make sure the receiver is compatible with your radio controller. And a packet of small cable ties to secure any parts that become loose. It's also wise to put Loctite on all screws and it checked the screws regularly.

Controller Transmitter

By far the most popular transmitter is the FrSky Taranis. However as a beginner this may to be complex but with some basic settings this will still be and valuable purchase. An important part of this transmitter system is the OpenTX software, which you should install when you first get your transmitter.


Transmitters are usually used in one of two modes. Mode 1 or mode 2, mode 2 being the most common. In mode 2 the left stick controls throttle and yaw, the right stick controls pitching roll.

Opened to you next companion is magnificent piece of software, you can configure and simulate your transmitters output on your PC. This system saves mistakes when flying your drive or a RC model, and provides backup. You can save multiple versions so if you don't like something you have done, you can just go back to the old version.


FrSky Taranis is not the only OpenTx compatible transmitter. The Turnigy 9Xis a great budget alternative. For less than $100 this transmitter Will get you started. While not as good or extensive as the Taranis it will give you a great introduction two Open TX software and its applications in FPV and RC modelling


FPV is a compelling advancement in radio controlled modelling. Any radio controlled modeller would be crazy to pass it bye. Multi-rotors are a great first platform for FPV. If you haven't tried this new addition to RC, it really is time to get going.

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