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I'm Dave Roche and I have been designing and making and manufacturing model aircraft for 40+ years. My first models were of balsa and rice paper.  Today my models are all EPP or carbon fiber.

The internet is a great thing for RC enthusiasts. Young or old it offers an immense amount of knowledge and technology, that was so hard to get in the past. The technology has rocked ahead because of the internet. People exchanging ideas knowledge and products on a global scale. It brought RC modeling alive more than ever before.

I hope this site may help to bring information from all over the internet, into some understandable collection. I also hope, it will help beginners and experienced, to develop a useful grasp of how it all works and in some cases doesn't work.

RC and UAVs have become a high tech hobby. There is so much to know that I don't expect to be a guru. If you think there is more to add (or wrong) in any of my posts or pages, please add a comment.


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  1. Thank you for being so helpful as a blogger and leader in the field.

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