Getting into Multi-rotors and Drones

If you wish to make UAVs a hobby its best to start small. Miniature indoor quad-copters are cheap hard to break and a great way to start. You can pick up a little Cheerson for under $20, online or from hobby store.

CHEERSSON mini quad

It’s probably not what you had in mind, but it’ll teach you to use a mode 2 or mode 1 radio set with a multi-rotor.

Many people then move to something like a DJI Phantom which costs around $1000. This isn’t really a hobby product. A hobby is where you build and engineer your own models. If you don’t wish to do this, then this section is not for you.

An alternative to this small Cheerson or more similar miniature multi rotors, is flight simulator software. A whole idea is to learn how to use the transmitter in unison with the multi-rotor, without breaking the bank and a lot of expensive stuff. Buying and trashing multi-rotors over and over in order to learn to fly, is not an economical way to go about acquiring the skill.