Taranis Voice Messages for UAVs
It's been my experience that most of the sound / voice message files on the Taranis are a mostly annoying. Because of this I decided that I will try make my own.

It turned out making these my files wasn't as simple as I would have expected. . I learnt from Scott Page's videos, there are only very limited number of wav file parameters  the Taranis will work with. Scott used the AT&T website to generate his voice wav files. The AT&T website service no longer exists, so I couldn't duplicate Scotts method. However Mac computers can create their own text to speech wave files. Unfortunately they wont run directly the Taranis transmitter.

I have attached a set of wav files to this download link. I hope they will be useful.



Taranis sample model
One of the biggest problems for new owners of Taranis radios is the lack of examples. The logic in configuring a model within that horrendous radio is not always straightforward. The outcomes when using the mixer can be very confusing.
Attached is a download link of model file that I think would be useful. In the future I'll provide an article explaining the files settings and possibly a video. This file relates to an actual model. To the best of my knowledge all the settings within the file operate correctly.
The file is for demonstration purposes only. If you choose to use the file in your radio, you do so at your own risk. I recommend you use the simulator to understand how the settings work. Hi hope that this information will be useful.
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